Technical Services

We provide SMEs various services

Business Training

Eight engaging modules to help you build your entrepreneurial and management skills, and give you practical tools to analyse your business and gather valuable insights.

Dedicated Consultants

Our advisors help SMEs get the fundamentals in place, such as financial administration, business brand, HR processes, and develop your growth plan and investment pitch.


Regular events to introduce you to the wider entrepreneurial community, where you might just make the right connections in order to scale-up your business products or services.

Personal Coaching

As a successful SME, you will receive 2-hours of coaching credits a month to digest course learnings, help you through key business decisions, and encourage you to set goals and make action plans.

Peer Learning

Bimonthly platform to encourage knowledge exchange and spur collaboration with other entrepreneurs. At mentor day you’ll learn from experienced business owners in your field.

Access to Finance

Rawnaq helps SMEs by assisting them prepare comprehensive applications to gain access to financial services so that they can increase their products and employ more labor.