How It Works?

Receive our services in three easy steps

Step One:

Application Stage

Apply online on our website

Small level businesses can apply online or offline for our business support services including trainings, consultations, capacity development, expert advice on better management of the business and access to financial services. Applications are open and will be considered on a rolling basis until the 31 December 2020, so apply early to increase your chances!

Step Two:

Verification Stage

We will verify your business

If you are successful in your application, you will be invited to a selection day to assess your business model. Next, the shortlisted business will receive a visit from Rawnaq staffs to validate information provided and gather further data. This is the most important step in your application process. Therefore, you need to present the relevant proofs.

Step Three:

Invitation Stage

You are invited to join the program

If you are successful in proving your business meets the required criteria of the project, willing to scale-up your business and recruit more labor, you will receive a formal invitation to join the programme kick-off. This is the turning point of your business which will enable you increase your business services or products and recruit more labor.

Rawnaq provides various types of business support services to enable the businesses scale-up their operations, services and/or products so that they can employ more youths.

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The online application forms enables quick applications. If you have the appetite to grow your business services and/or products and hire more labor, Rawnaq is the right place for you.

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