No, there is no application fee for the business acceleration programme.

Participating in the programme is free of charge, however, you should be committed to hire returnees and internally displaced people from the life-skills training track.

Ideally, we only select businesses that generate more than USD 25.000 in revenue per year, however we do make exceptions at times for high-potential businesses that can demonstrate a strong growth history.

We strongly prefer businesses that are located a short distance away from Kandahar or Herat, to ensure our team can visit these businesses frequently, and so participants can attend at least 80% of our trainings. However, we do sometimes bend the rules for businesses that show exceptional motivation to participate.

For this programme  we are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs that have already taken significant steps to test their ideas and have a business that has been operating for at least 12 months. Businesses that are not yet generating revenue will not be considered for the programme.

Yes, you can still apply to the programme, but we do expect you to register your business upon acceptance to the programme.

Unfortunately, our programme is not suitable for Community Based Organisations (CBOs), or non-profits. Only for-profit companies are invited to apply.

Cordaid’s Enterprise Academy programme does not have a specific sectorial focus, but there are some restricted industries. For example, we do not support businesses that work in harmful industries, such as alcohol, tobacco, or arms.

The application form is the first step of the application process.

We expect you to be motivated and committed throughout the duration of the programme. As such, participants are expected to attend at least 80% of the trainings offered throughout the programme. We expect you to be eager to learn, and to be honest and open in your communication with us, the consultants you will be working with, as well as your peers on the programme.

We provide 2 hours of coaching credits per month. The training sessions we offer will amount to approximately 4 hours per week for 8 weeks, of which you are expected to attend 80% of. For consultants supporting you with specific business functions, such as Finance or Marketing, we expect a member of your team responsible for this area to work intensively alongside the consultant. Furthermore, there are additional networking and peer-to-peer events that you are highly encouraged to attend. Overall, your success in the programme largely depends on how much time you and your team invest in it.

There is no guarantee of investment connected to participation in this programme. However, all companies will be supported to get “investment-ready”, and upon graduation will have the opportunity to pitch their business. Additionally, the programme may provide the reimbursement of your interest upon receiving a loan.

No, the Cordaid accelerator does not obtain equity in companies participating in the programme.