About Us

Rawnaq seeks to create decent employment for displaced and vulnerable host community Afghan youth by supporting private sector growth. Supporting MSMEs to access capital, paired with provision of technical support and linkages to domestic or international markets, will therefore allow them to expand their business by increasing the quality and quantity of production and securing new customers. Increased production and sales, in turn, will allow MSMEs to hire new employees.

Rawnaq further seeks to ensure that the jobs created by MSMEs specifically benefit displaced and vulnerable host community youth with the (experience-based) assumption that most MSME owners are reluctant to hire displaced people specifically (due to their lack of social connections and stigma against them), but that they could be incentivised to hire displaced people via provision of conditional technical and/ or financial support.

Business boom ensures social welfare

Support to SMEs

The project aims to provide business acceleration services to (M)SMEs in promising value chains to become more resilient, professional and create more jobs on the long run.

Support to Returnees and IDPs

On the other hand, the project supports IDPs and returnees with life skills to become more employable. By taking into account the demand and supply side of the labor market, the project aims to create job opportunities for displaced youth.

Rawnaq provides technical support to the businesses to enable them obtain interest-free loan and recruit Returnees, IDPs and Vulnerable Youth in the Project Location. To know how to obtain technical support and interest-free loans, please drop us a message or contact us at the given phone numbers.

Rawnaq Team