The International Trade Development Exhibition In Kabul

Afghanistan Traders and investors’ Union organized an International Exhibition named Business Development General Expo at Qasr Benazeer Hotel in Kabul for domestic and international businesses on 11 up to 14 January 2021. This exhibition lasted for four days. Cordaid Rawnaq Project sponsored 11 MSMEs from Herat and Kandahar to attend and showcase their products, and find new markets, suppliers and customers for their products through this exhibition.

Cordaid Afghanistan is supporting 78 businesses at different scale and from different sector under RAWNAQ project. These businesses received a package of technical general business training programs within 5 weeks. As part of our CSI (Connect, Support & Inspire) assistance and based on a TOR, 11 businesses were selected and informed about this opportunity that interestingly welcomed by businesses.

11 participants under RAWANQ support in International EXPO 2021 has signed 13 national and international business contracts with SMEs and new customers, which 3 contracts were international, and 10 contracts were at national level. Supported SMEs in this exhibition has created high number of business linkages at national and international level with new customers and same sector companies.

 According to SMEs report on exhibition a total number of 1000 of visitors are visited from their booths, and a total number of 2500 of visit cards and brochures are distributed by 11 supported SMEs during the 4 days of exhibition. Based on SMEs report from 11 participants, a total amount of 321000 AF of different products has been sold during the exhibition.

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