Applications are temporary closed

Applications are temporary closed

RAWNAQ has temporary closed the application forms on the website. As of September 21 over 100 interested companies have submitted their online and offline applications. Currently the RAWNAQ team is conducting field visits to assess the eligibility of these companies to join the project. After the first batch will be kicked of in October, RAWNAQ will re-open the application stage for more interested businesses.

RAWNAQ is looking for those businesses that are committed and intend to accelerate their businesses and have sufficient knowledge along with the required experience inline with the sector they are operating,  but due to lack of resources and expertise, they could address the existing challenges yet.

The accelerator programme is open to businesses that match the following criteria:

  • Operational and generating revenue for more than one year;
  • Employ between 5 and 50 members of staff;
  • Generate more than USD 25.000 in revenue per year, OR;
  • Hold more than USD 25.000 in assets (items owned by the company, such as property and machines);
  • Located maximum one-hour travel away from Kandahar or Herat;
  • Looking for funding to scale;
  • Not currently blacklisted at any financial inclusion and free from litigation;
  • Not operating in harmful industries such as alcohol, tobacco, and arms.

After completion of the sign-up application forms stage, we will visit and evaluate businesses in person. At this stage, we will use developed business evaluation tools to evaluate businesses’ internal activities and situations and external outlook of the businesses. This will lead us to have general information and data about each business.  .  . We will evaluate the experiences and learnings of each business considering the business life cycle. Overall, all key parts of a company such as operations, finance, the management style of the businesses will be reviewed. Finally, collected data will be recorded based on the operation scheme, size of the business, initial investment, and the number of employees for each business. Later, the collected information will be used to identify qualified businesses and determine how we can support the selected business to flourish,     

Currently, a significant number of companies operating in Herat and Kandahar provinces have submitted their applications through RAWNAQ online platform. And the project field teams evaluate received application forms daily without any interruption in due course the team will conduct their visit accordingly.

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