Application are open now!

Application are open now!

Rawnaq Project – Business Acceleration Program in Afghanistan

Sign Up and Participation in Second Round:

Rawnaq Project – The Cordaid Office works for supporting and growing businesses in Afghanistan. Registration and participation in the second round of this project will start on October 26, 2020 for small and medium businesses. These supports include accelerating the business process by providing specialized training, capacity building, professional knowledge sharing, business communications, and in some exceptional cases, support and funding.

Send Applications

We hereby ask all businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors and craftsmen in Herat and Kandahar provinces to participate in the second round of this program from October 26, 2020 to November 16, 2020 by completing the application form.

Our Methodology

The Rawnaq Project Business Acceleration Program addresses all of your technical and supportive needs for further growth and development of your business through the Cordaid Enterprise Support Academy. We review your business plan and system, analyze your business plan and performance, and provide funding sources.

The Business Acceleration Program consists of four main sections, and after a month of specialized training in Business Development, the technical assistance of the Rawnaq Project for the committed companies will continue on an ongoing basis.

Business Development Training: In this short training course, you will get familiar with eight attractive business models in areas such as business plan, market evaluation, internal management and customer relations. During this period, you will be able to evaluate your products and services and to develop a business plan for accelerating company’s business activities.

Specialized Business Experts: Rawnaq project business consultants will work with your company for different periods of time, to identify the existing problems of your company in the first place and to select appropriate solutions for the purpose of business growth and investment development, taking into account the capacity and facilities available in the company.

Business Contact with Market: Efforts are made in Rawnaq project to establish and improve your company’s relations with other companies which are active in different markets. These activities include trade fairs at the provincial and national levels and other programs such as business networking to develop your working relationships with other companies and multiple markets.

In this section, we try to take the necessary measures in marketing your company’s products and establishing your business relations with other entrepreneurs. So that in addition to increasing sales by accessing the capabilities and capacities available in other markets your business is improved.

Access to Financial Services: If your company does not have the financial capacity to grow and develop its business and is interested in receiving interest-free loans, the Rawnaq project will provide the basis for your company to get to know the financial institutions. And considering the quality of your business plan, it also provides the ground for its implementation.

Rawnaq Project – The Cordaid Office helps committed and purposeful investors, artisans and traders grow their businesses. Because we believe that perseverance in doing business, business development, and successful business executives can build advanced societies.

What kind of enterprises can benefit from our services?

We are looking for committed and innovative entrepreneurs who are interested in learning more about business operations and development of their businesses. We expect those who enroll in our programs to have a long-term commitment to private sector development and to personally participate in more than 80% of the training programs, meetings and gatherings of various private sectors.

The Business Acceleration Program accepts applications from enterprises and companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Enterprises and companies that have income and have been operating for more than one year.
  • Have between 5 to 50 employees.
  • Have sales of more than $ 25,000 a year, or
  • Have fixed assets (machinery, equipment and tools) worth more than US $ 25,000.
  • Are located in a maximum travel time of one hour from Kandahar and Herat cities.
  • Interested in receiving financial resources to develop their activities.
  • Are not blacklisted at any financial institutions and do not have legal problems, lawsuits or commercial crimes.
  • Do not operate in illegal and prohibited sectors such as alcohol, tobacco and weapons.

Submit Applications:

The first round of applications for small and medium-sized companies in Herat and Kandahar provinces ended in September, and a significant number of committed companies have been chosen for the Rawnaq project’s business acceleration program. You can also be included in the list of participants by completing the online application forms of Rawnaq project.

Second round of accepting applications and the selection process:

Applications are accepted from October 26, 2020 to November 16, 2020 for 22 days. It is worth mentioning that applications are considered and accepted on a rolling basis, so to increase your chances, take quicker action.

If your application is accepted, in coordination with you, the provincial staff of Rawnaq Project will visit the company to gather information to assess your area of ​​business and the type of your business activities. Subsequently, successful enterprises and companies will receive a formal invitation to participate in the Business Acceleration Program.

The registration application form can be accessed below:

Contact Us:

In addition, please call the (0093791611625), (0093791611600) and (0093791611671) or send a message following email address if needed.


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