Participation Phases

Participation Phases

Phase 1:

After the announcement of the process of “acceptance of the application” which will be undertaken by the Rownaq project in different time periods, companies interested in obtaining support services such as access to the financial market, obtaining business consultants, developing business relations with markets and business technical training can submit their request forms to the Rownaq project online and offline. After receiving the request forms, Rawnaq project team evaluates the forms of each company separately. If the information entered in the form meets the project criteria, the project team will decide to visit the company.

Phase 2:

Evaluation of the company is conducted physically after receipt of the request forms. The provincial team of Rownaq project, in contact with the business owners, will closely evaluate the mentioned company in order to get the basic information of how the company operates. At this stage, the project team completes its basic verifications related to type of company’s operation, area of company’s operation, company’s operational structure, company’s products and services, and all areas.

Phase 3:

After the evaluation, if the companies meet the required criteria, they will be introduced to the next stage, which includes the training program.

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