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Business Status

Your Business is operational and generating revenue for more than one year

Number of Staffs

Your business has between 5 and 50 staff members

Business Income

Your business generates more than USD 25.000 in revenue per year, OR

Business Assets

Your business has more than USD 25.000 in assets (such as property and machines)

Business Location

Your business is located maximum one-hour away from Kandahar or Herat City

Growth Appetite

You are looking for scaling up your business services or products

Financial History

Your business is not blacklisted at any financial entity and is free from litigation

Business Legitimacy

Your business is not operating in harmful industries such as alcohol, tobacco, and arms

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How It Works

  • SMEs fill online or offline ′initial′ application form
  • Rawnaq staffs visit the SMEs for business verifications
  • Preferred SMEs are referred to the Evaluation Committee
  • Rawnaq Invites the selected SMEs to join the program

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